Wastewater Management Project

UPDATE – August 2017

With the completion of the formal Detailed Design Report and the approval of the Business Plan we are already into the next phase.

This phase includes the 1st reading of a borrowing bylaw, with 2nd and 3rd reading to follow. Then the local Improvement Bylaw with a motion to apply for a debt limit.

On May 29, 2017 Minister Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation and Minister of Infrastructure, announced the approval of $131 Million in Water Project Grants. Most of this funding will go to the yet to be built line that will handle wastewater from the Sylvan Lake region to meet the current and future needs.

Some of this money will also be used to fund the North Regional line that the Wastewater Commission needs to build, in order for Sunbreaker to properly hook up. Once this is in the building phase, Sunbreaker will move forward in its construction.

Council has given a formal presentation to the Commission in the form of a Gantt chart to help with our project construction window.

We continue to be shovel ready for when the Regional Line is finally built.

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