Informative Brochures

Invasive Species

Albertans should be aware of the impact that invasive species have on the environment, economy, and society

Septic Sense

Information, resources and support to help landowners responsibly manage their septic systems

Stepping Back from the Water

A beneficial management practices guide for new development near water bodies in Alberta’s settled region

Respect Our Lakes

The Respect Our Lakes (ROL) program was developed within the Government of Alberta and aims to support and engage Albertans in lake stewardship

Living by Water/Living by Lake

For more than 15 years, Nature Alberta has delivered the Living by Water (LBW) program, providing information to Alberta lake residents about healthy shoreline living

Low Impact Developments

Designers have long known the toll that compacted turf-and-tree landscapes and hardened surfaces like roofs, roads and parking lots take on our lakes, rivers and streams. However, the tools to address these impacts in this complex system have only begun to be developed in the past decade or two

Backyard Composting to Reduce Organic Waste

Managing waste is everyone’s business and the best place to begin is in your own backyard.

Caring for Shoreline Properties

Changing the way we look at owning lakefront property in Alberta.

Discover Sylvan Lake

Find information on campgrounds, golfing, accommodations, recreation, sports, festivals, events, shopping, restaurants, and services.

Give Your Shoreline a Make-Over

10 Environmental-friendly things to do to improve your shoreline.

Saving the World Begins at Home

A personal guide to managing household waste.

The Dock Primer

A cottager’s guide to waterfront friendly docks.

Vermicomposting to Reduce Kitchen Waste

Vermicomposting or worm composting is using red wiggler worms to decompose organic household wastes into a useful soil conditioner. It’s easy! Fill a container with bedding material, worms and food waste. The worms to the rest.

Your Emergency Preparedness Guide

Learn hoe quick and easy it is to become better prepared to face a range of emergencies – anytime, anywhere.

Clean water. Well protected

Understanding how groundwater works, learning about your well, and knowing how to properly operate and maintain it, are the first steps to proper well management.

Working Well provides resources free of charge to water well owners interested in learning how to protect and maintain water wells.

Well owners can access these resources online or attend informative, hands-on local workshops.

Visit for Working Well resources including e-learning modules, fact sheets and a schedule of upcoming workshops.

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