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Alberta Emergency Alert

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Your Director of Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) is Mayor Teresa Beets and Assisting is Councilor Keith Kimball.

Mayor Teresa Beets and Councilor Keith Kimball have been trained and given direct access to the Emergency Public Warning System (and are called Authorized Users)  Local government officials and key emergency management personnel within communities throughout Alberta are nominated by their municipality and then trained to use the AEA.  Environment Canada (Severe Weather) and Alberta Environment (Flow Forecasting) also nominates Authorized Users who broadcast warnings through the system.

Although Authorized Users are the only people permitted to activate the AEA, it is accepted in some cases, the Authorized User many not be the actual witness to the event.  In such a case, the Authorized User should do all that is reasonable to verify the accuracy of the information prior to activation.

Currently the Authorized User activates the AEA by Dual Tone Multi Frequency tones).  These tones are at the frequency that a touch-tone keypad uses to dial and operate.  The AEA can therefore be activated by landlines, mobile/cellular, and telephone linked to radio pads as long as they are touch-tone capable.

If at any time an Emergency is issued a recorded telephone message is added to the standard AEA header and trailer (audible and visual warnings)  that alert the viewing and listening public that an AEA warning is about to be broadcast.

The message will take the form of the following.

  • It will identify your Director of Emergency Management Services position and municipality or agency.
  • What is the Threat?  Will describe the situation, what has happened.
  • Where? The message will use familiar landmarks to define the area affected.
  • How should the public Respond?:  Suggestions of protective actions that the public should take to reduce risk.

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