Norglenwold looks to grow

Penhold is not the only community that is reaching out into Red Deer County. Norglenwold is also planning a much more modest expansion. County council approved a bid to increase the lakeside community by adding three new parcels of land to the south and west of the existing housing. The small areas are considered logical growth areas for the community. Continue reading

Possible Job Opportunity for our Younger Residents

Hello Residents of Sunbreaker Cove! Do you, or will you, sometime over the summer months ahead, have a restless, bored, but energetic teenager hanging around who would like to get up and out to help the Quiet Enjoyment Initiative (QEI)? (Check out Facebook: SylvanLakeQEI) Continue reading

Alberta steps up fight against invasive mussels

As Montana ramps up its defence against an invasive aquatic species, Alberta is also on guard against the threat hitching a ride across the border. Two new inspections stations and 30 more boat inspectors have been added to provincial resources to combat the proliferate mollusks. The two new stations have opened at Canada Border Agency sites following the discovery of zebra mussel larvae in Montana late last year. That brings the total inspections sites to 11 (five on the eastern border, three at the U.S. border and three in the west. Continue reading

Sylvan Lake gets seven days a week health services

Our government believes in a strong public health system where Albertans get the right care, in the right place, at theright time, for the right investment. In keeping with the province’s commitment to support and improve rural healthcare, I’m proud Sylvan Lake-area families, residents and visitors are finally getting better access to higher levelmedical services you’ve been requesting for years. Continue reading