Council hears sewage lagoon timeline and update

The Town of Sylvan Lake Public Works department provided Town Council with a timeline of events leading up to and following the critical lagoon situation earlier this month, in addition to providing updates on short term and long term solutions the Town may be utilizing. Continue reading

Local committee looks to limit noise pollution on Sylvan Lake

by  Todd Vaughan – Sylvan Lake News
Committee Chair for the Quiet Enjoyment Initiative and Former President of the Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society Kent Lyle is looking to spread education on how users of Sylvan Lake can limit noise pollution. — image credit: SUBMITTED BY KENT LYLE
The Quiet Enjoyment Initiative(QEI) is looking to clean up […]

Winter Has Arrived in Central Alberta

This past November brought with it some unusually heavy snowfalls that blanketed much of Central Alberta. Some comparisons have been made to the early 1940’s for similar snow volumes. Though our community now truly resembles a winter wonderland, the weather has also brought with it some challenges, most significantly snow removal and keeping our roads clear for traffic. Continue reading

Burning & Fire Pit Bylaw No. 94-12

The Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove has implemented a fire ban effective immediately.

Penalties are as follows: Fire During a Fire Ban:
1st Offence: $200.00.
2nd Offence: $350.00 + recovery costs as per Schedule A Continue reading

Your Shoreline, Erosion and Boat Wakes

Relatively, the lake is very high again this spring (2012) after setting a new record high in 2011. With many lakefront properties this could result in significant erosion of your valuable lakeshore. The natural processes are now augmented by a new threat to our shorelines. Wakeboarding! Continue reading

Noise Pollution on Sylvan Lake

Norglenwold residents are reminded that it is prohibited by Federal Law to operate a water vessel within five (5) miles of shore without adequate noise abatement devices at all times. Think mufflers and quiet! Continue reading

Phyllis Forsyth – Our New CAO

In our 2011 Christmas Newsletter, I reported that Phyllis Forsyth had been hired as the new Chief Administration Officer (CAO) for the five Sylvan Lake Summer Villages. On her first day as our new CAO, Sunbreaker Cove had a scheduled Council Meeting where she was introduced to Deputy Mayor Teresa Beets and Councillor Ron Wuetherick. This was also the last meeting we had with Myra and the week ahead was to be one of transition for Phyllis as she eased into her new position. Your Council was very impressed with her contributions during her first Council Meeting with us and are very much looking forward to working with her well into the future. Continue reading