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Welcome to Sunbreaker Cove

Sunbreaker Cove (SBC) is located 45 kms North-West of the City of Red Deer Alberta on the North-east side of Sylvan Lake in Central Alberta. The name Sunbreaker Cove comes from combining: Sunhaven, The Breakers and Glenn's Cove. Glenn's Cove was a name for an old farm stead that originally was in the near vicinity of the present day Village.


2017 – 2019 Financial Budget

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Wastewater Management Project - Updated Nov 2016

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Pathway Project 2016 Completion & Proposed Quoting for 2017

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New Committee Formed for Piers and Hoists

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  • Mayor's Update - October 2016

    Greetings Everyone Greetings Everyone and a Belated Thanksgiving Greeting to All

    Yes, it's hard to believe that another summer season has come and gone, and that our shoreline is almost completely void of piers and boat hoists. As per tradition, much of that work was completed over the September long weekend. However, over the Thanksgiving weekend, we noticed a few hearty souls on the water completing their work. The waders were on, the hoodies were up, and gloves were almost a must in those rather cold conditions. Definitely a much cooler and wintery October than we enjoyed over Thanksgiving last year.

    A few updates on the activities of your Council and Administration teams since our last Website Update follow.

    Our Annual Regatta

    Once again, over the August long weekend, residents and friends of Sunbreaker Cove enjoyed our Annual Regatta. This traditional event is totally organized by teams of volunteers from our community and dates back to at least the 1970's. Then, the focus was more on water activities with varying classes of sailboat races, wind surfer competitions, and various water races. Complimenting these were some of the more common land events organized by age group such as sprinting, sack races, and wheelbarrow races to mention a few. This year was no different with a few new events that those participating seemed to really enjoy. Untangling a frozen tee shirt is not near as easy as you'd think. Once again, a good time was had by all, and a few hundred hot dogs, cookies and bottled water were consumed. In the evening, we were once again treated to a fabulous fireworks display, thanks to efforts of Peter Schmaltz and his team of family members and other volunteers.

    To all those volunteers who contributed to the success of our 2016 Annual Regatta, our sincere Thank You. Your efforts to ensure this Sunbreaker Cove tradition continues for years to come are truly appreciated. WELL DONE ALL!

    2016 Organizational Meeting

    On July 28th, prior to Council's Regular Meeting, we held our Organizational Meeting. This is a mandatory requirement of Alberta's Municipal Government Act (MGA) where appointments are made to various committees and commission members are identified. Council made no changes this year to the various files for which each of us are responsible. These will be published elsewhere on our website.

    Piers and Hoists

    Unfortunately, we are already a few weeks late in moving this project along. Plans are to review applications from residents who expressed an interest in serving on this committee at our October Council Meeting with the objective of making selections in early November. It is still our goal to be able to convene the first meeting of this committee no later than mid November.

    Pathway Project

    As many of you have already noticed, this project is moving along quite nicely and I believe has been done with minimal disruption to our residents. The work is anticipated to be fully completed this construction season. This is one of those higher priority projects identified by our ratepayers via our community survey and I believe we are all looking forward to the improved accessibility, safety and other improvements that have been made.

    Wastewater Project Update

    After what feels like a couple of years of no progress, I am pleased to report that this project now has some forward momentum. The Summer Village of Birchcliff is now tied into the North Shore Regional Transmission Line of the Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission (SLRWWC). Earlier this year, Council approved the tendering of the Detailed Engineering Design required for our Municipal Infrastructure to Stantec Engineering and that work has now been completed. At Council's October Meeting, Stantec will be going over their findings and recommendations with us. We have also contracted for the preparation of a detailed Business Plan that is required to make our case for readiness to the SLRWWC and to support our applications for government funding.

    A word of caution here! Provincial & Federal government funding is still very tight. Council's decision to fund both the Detailed Engineering Design and the Business Plan was done so with the intention of having what's referred to as a "shovel ready project" in place. It is our view that municipalities that have "some skin in the game" so-to-speak, and have demonstrated a commitment to a particular project will more likely move up on the list of those soliciting financial support. We remain optimistic that our goal of having a wastewater line operating within our community can be achieved.

    One further note before signing off - to date, we have only received about 65% of the questionnaires sent out to residents regarding their current method of wastewater disposal. To those who have completed this questionnaire, our sincere thanks. And for the remaining 35%, please complete that questionnaire and return it as specified at your earliest convenience. The more complete and accurate information our engineers have the less likely the chance for an unwelcome surprise. Thank you in advance for your promptness in tending to this.

    In closing, here's hoping that we will enjoy some true Fall weather before Winter sets in. Mind you, I doubt if some of our snowbirds mind. Last, I expect to have another website update or perhaps a mailed out Newsletter available for our residents sometime in December. Best regards everyone.

    Bill Carr, Mayor

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