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Welcome to Sunbreaker Cove

Sunbreaker Cove (SBC) is located 45 kms North-West of the City of Red Deer Alberta on the North-east side of Sylvan Lake in Central Alberta. The name Sunbreaker Cove comes from combining: Sunhaven, The Breakers and Glenn's Cove. Glenn's Cove was a name for an old farm stead that originally was in the near vicinity of the present day Village.


Development Package - Updated - July 2018 (PDF File)

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A Big Thank You to All that supported the First Annual Team Up to Clean Up Day

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June 2018 Agenda (PDF File)

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Piers and Hoists Preliminary Plan (PDF File) May 14, 2018

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2017 Financial Statements (PDF File)

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Municipal Wastewaster Collection Project - Information Bulletin for Residents (PDF File)

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  • March 2018 - Spring Newsletter

    Spring is finally here…

    Greetings everyone. It's been an extraordinarily cold and snowy winter this year and there's no doubt most of us are looking forward to what the spring season holds with some warmer weather, green grass and open water.

    Budget Update

    Council has recently approved the 2018-2020 Operating Budget for our Municipality. It will be posted on our website for your viewing at www.sunbreakercove.ca/financials. We will also have copies at our Annual Information meeting in June.

    Council worked diligently to keep our Municipal taxes as low as possible this year while ensuring we are budgeting prudently for anticipated expenses and non-tax revenues. Our new modern Municipal Government Act requirements of new policy changes and updates has contributed to increased taxes. Net Municipal taxes will increase by 2.7% this year. We are still awaiting school requisitions to determine how total property taxes will change.

    The garbage utility rate is being increased to cover the actual cost of service, as apposed to having a significant portion being covered by tax revenues. The rate will be increased from $95/year per property to $137/year per property. A copy of the bylaw will be posted on our website here


    Council worked diligently to keep our taxes as low as possible this year by cutting back on our various donations and capital projects that are always in front of us. Our new modern Municipal Government Act requirements of new policy changes and updates as well the increase in school tax being the main contributors, you will notice a 4.4% increase in your taxes this year.

    Note: Tax payments can be made by mailing us a cheque directed to "The Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove" Address: Bay 8, 14 Thevenaz Industrial Trail, Sylvan Lake AB T4S 2J5
    by Debit, Visa or Mastercard on our machine here at the office.

    Example of Municipal increase:

    $500,000 value – $ 31.04
    $750,000 value – $ 46.56
    $1 Million value - $ 62.07

    These examples are subject to change once we receive the Provincial school requisition.

    Your tax notices will be mailed on May 23rd, 2018 and payment will be due July 31st, 2018. Please mark this on your calendars to avoid any penalties.

    Pathway Bollards

    You may have noticed bollards that are placed at the entrance of pathways in Sunbreaker Cove. Administration has presented Council with a policy for the removal of these bollards at certain times of year for certain activities including spring and winter input and extraction of piers and hoists.

    On a yearly basis in the spring from April – June 15th Public Works will remove the bollards at the entrance of Glenn's Cove and Sunset Cove. They will also be removed in the Fall from September – October (Thanksgiving Weekend).

    Public works will also be removing the bollards upon request by any residents of the Summer Village for appropriate reasons. Bollards are not to be removed by anyone who is not an employee of the Summer Village Administration office.


    New viewing decks were installed in late September as part of the pathway project. These are located between Pine & Birch Road along a pathway that comes from Breakers Way and are located near the shoreline. These decks provide residents a viewing of the lake and information plaques (to be installed) about the surrounding environment, as well as relaxing resting benches.

    Thank you to all for your feedback and requests from our survey that was sent out to provide these pathways and viewing points.

    These phases of the pathway project are complete and will now be in maintenance mode. When you walk along these paths and have any concerns that may need the attention of our Public Works department, please take note and let our office know and we will deal with the concern as soon as we can. Our Public Works department works hard to look after all five Summer Villages.


    Last year you may have noticed the buoy markers in the lake that mark the division of where boats need to slow down and where water craft can run at full speed.

    In previous years we hired contractors to put in these markers and this year we would like to offer our residents the chance to contract themselves for hire and put the buoy markers in for our community.

    This would entail full responsibility of yourself, the water craft, and your crew of help. Duties will include the input for spring and maintenance during the summer season (example: keep the buoys in a row and advise the office of lost buoys after storms) as well as the extraction at the end of the boating season. We are looking for commitment, care and preferably some experience in this project.

    We will be accepting written contracted offers at our Summer Village office until April 15, 2018. For tender information please visit the Sunbreaker Cove website. Thanks to everyone for your interest in the community.

    Ice Hut Removal

    Once again, this season is ending, and we like to remind residents that if you or someone you know has an ice hut on the lake, please remove it by March 31st, 2018.

    Last year we had our first record setting No Ice Huts Left on the Lake. Hats off to those whom are responsible as this makes for a cleaner environment and less hazard for people, their families and for our fish and wildlife.

    This project is an ongoing volunteer-based committee. Our Councilor Keith Kimball is now the chair of this committee and has worked along with our regional partners around the lake along with other Municipal Governments to continue to lobby the Provincial Government to make the removal of Ice Huts on our lake mandatory. Let's continue to do our part and remove huts.

    Spring Clean Up

    In addition to the success of the "Take it off" program, Sunbreaker Cove, in conjunction with the Sylvan Lake Management Committee is organizing a half day pick up on our shoreline to clean up the debris left on our shores after a winter of activity on the ice.

    May 26th, 2018 will be the first time that we join our partners from around the lake including: The Town of Sylvan Lake, Jarvis Bay, Birchcliff, Half Moon Bay, Red Deer County and Lacombe County.

    Sunbreaker Cove will be providing details shortly via a mailout of how this program will work and how you as volunteers can help in making this day a successful community event. There will be supplies provided, sections mapped out, coffee and donuts to get you started and a BBQ lunch saying thank you for taking on this project. Thank you, Councilor Keith Kimball, for making this project happen for us.


    All residents should have received a copy in the mail of information regarding the Municipal Wastewater project. This package of information is also listed on our website at http://www.sunbreakercove.ca/wastewater-project/

    This information is intended to update residents on the history of this project that goes back over 17 years and that this community, along with past and present Council have been working towards. It gives a comprehensive overview outlining the key components of the project.

    * Estimated Capital and Operating costs

    We are attempting to communicate what we know to date as this project moves along. I encourage you to read the mailed package as well as the posted version on our website. We have an email for questions or comments concerning the project at SBCwastewatercommittee@sylvansummervillages.ca.

    Council will have a section in the agenda at our Annual Information Meeting again this year dedicated to the wastewater project for updates. Council also plans on a Coffee with Council date on May 12th, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. here at the office for those that want personal contact regarding the project.

    Piers & Hoists

    Our committee will be coming together on April 26th, 2018 to discuss the semi conclusion of what the plan will be regarding the piers and hoist project.

    This has been a project that is somewhat comprehensive due to the many years of doing what we have always done. Due to the increase of our population and an increased interest in having our own watercraft, as well as simply having space to swim and our shoreline, we are attempting to make our waters accessible to all.

    We will be rolling out the plan this year. We aim for implementation the following boating season. Again, a section in our Annual Information Meeting will be dedicated for this project update.

    Events to Calendar

    Sunbreaker Cove First Annual Shore Clean Up – May 26th, 2018 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the boat launch.

    Annual Information Meeting – June 23rd, 2018 10:00 a.m. at the Rainy Creek Hall.

    Coffee with Council – May 12th, 2018 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Summer Village Administration Office.

    Thank you all for your cooperation in our village and for your continued support to make our community safe and comfortable,

    Council of Sunbreaker Cove.

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