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Welcome to Sunbreaker Cove

Sunbreaker Cove (SBC) is located 45 kms North-West of the City of Red Deer Alberta on the North-east side of Sylvan Lake in Central Alberta. The name Sunbreaker Cove comes from combining: Sunhaven, The Breakers and Glenn's Cove. Glenn's Cove was a name for an old farm stead that originally was in the near vicinity of the present day Village.


Municipal Wastewaster Collection Project - Information Bulletin for Residents (PDF File)

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Snow Removal Policy

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  • Mayor's Update - September 2017

    Greetings Everyone!

    Summer is ending and fall is just around the corner. As a village we have had many events take place this season, with the following highlights.

    Following the July 8, 2017 election, the new Council for the village has been set for the upcoming four years. The new Mayor will be Ms. Teresa Beets, who after seven years on Council is well prepared to lead the new Council for the upcoming term. Mr. Jim Willmon is the new Deputy Mayor, and Mr. Keith Kimball is the new Councillor. Both Teresa and Keith are permanent residents of the Village, while Jim lived in Calgary and travels frequently to his home at the lake. More information on all three councillor's including pictures and bios can be found here.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank our former Councillors, Past Mayor Bill Carr and past Councillor Ron Wuetherick. Their hard work and dedication over the past 7 years has been extremely appreciated. Your new Council looks forward to serving you as well as past Council did.

    Pathway Project

    We finished the first phase of the pathway upgrades in the fall of 2016, and phase 2 is to be completed in the fall of 2017. For more information on the pathways project, please check out the website under projects and pathways, or the "what's new" section to see where the phase 2 projects are located.

    Piers and Hoist

    This past August we had our first open house at the Rainy Creek Hall. On hand were your new Council members, the sub – committee members, as well as Administration, to help field questions of about 60 residents who participated in the discussion. The objective of the open house was to share with residents the progress of the sub-committee to date, review the ideas from past community surveys, and discuss problems with current beach access and possible solutions.

    Administration will be compiling the suggestions for further discussion with the Piers and Hoists sub-committee members. The sub-committee will present its recommendations to Council for further consideration into any policy initiatives that may be required. A possible second open house session, may likely be held in the spring of 2018, will provide residents an opportunity to further refine any suggested changes that Council may look to implement.

    Waste Water Update

    The village continues to move forward on planning and funding applications for the Municipal portion of the Sunbreaker Cove wastewater collection system. The village has applied to the Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission ("SLRWWC") to construct the North Shore lateral line running from the existing SLRWWC facilities in Birchcliff to tie-in Sunbreaker Cove and the community of Blissful Beach.

    The SLRWWC has applied for funding grants with the Provincial Government but no news is expected until early December following the Provincial Governments 2018 capital infrastructure budget release. The SLRWWC was recently awarded a significant grant to cover 90% of the $42.4 million cost of building a wastewater line to connect the Town of Sylvan Lake and all connected members of the Commission to the City of Red Deer Waste Water Treatment Plant. The major pipeline is currently in final design engineering phase and construction is expected to being in the spring of 2018. Construction of the Sunbreaker collection system remains contingent upon funding of the North Lateral system. At this time, we remain on track with our goal of building the Municipal line in the spring of 2019. Further updates will be provided to all residents as these projects develop over the next year.

    More information on the waste water timing and budget estimates, please see this link here you will see a couple new slides from a previous editorial this spring.

    Canada Day Celebrations

    This year Canada celebrates 150 years. Your Council along with co-host Lacombe County helped supply celebration cupcakes, coffee, and juice and of course the famous fireworks display put on by our own local Pyrotechnic expert Peter Schmultz. Thanks to all who attended for making the Canada 150 event a well attended party!


    Once again the community came together for another very successful Regatta weekend. Special thanks goes to all families that made this event a success!

    And of course, a big thanks again to Peter Smultz and family for the fantastic display of fireworks we all so much look forward to every year! Peter you put on the best fireworks show on the entire lake!

    Every year we all suffer through the awkward silence delaying the fireworks show while we wait for new volunteers to step-up for next year. We will be preparing a sign-up sheet newsletter and on the website to be distributed before the spring meeting where families can sign up early! Let's continue to work together to make the Regatta the highlight of the summer for residents and their families.

    Garbage Containers

    There has been an influx of critters over the season from porcupines, skunks, rodents, scavenger birds and insects all attracted to the garbage that is not properly contained. Please ensure your garbage is concealed and made available for the village pick up every Tuesday. Weekly garbage pick-up continues until after the Thanksgiving Day long weekend before changing to by-weekly pick-up through the winter.

    Stop Signs

    Over the years Council has listened to residents opinions on speed-bumps. Quite simply the input was don't use them! However with the traffic on Marine drive in particular, it is still important to slow traffic and improve the safety for residents and visitors in the village.

    This year we installed 4-way stop signs on Marine Drive at the corner of Sunhaven Way and Breakers Way, and a 3-way stop at Willow.

    We hope the stop signs have addressed the speed issues while also addressing the noise associated with speed bumps and boat trailers. If you have a comment regarding the new traffic controls, please submit your comments on the contact tab on the village website, or send an email to our Administration team to let us know.

    From Council and Administration, Many thanks to all residences for all your support thus far.


    Teresa Beets
    Mayor, Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove

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